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This is a place for my thoughts.

Here, I intend to write about any thought that I find interesting or that helps me improve my understanding in a novel way. The intent of writing down such thoughts is dual-fold. Primarily, it is for self-improvement. Writing brings clarity and depth to superficial passing thoughts. It is important to identify the thoughts that are worth exploring. Making a note of these thoughts helps to revisit only the filtered and important thoughts. This procedure also makes these thoughts concrete by reasoning about them. I find immense contentment in exploring novel thoughts. It is equivalent to opening a door to a hidden part of the world and doing that improves my understanding of the world forever — there is no going back. Secondarily, making these essays public has a higher probability of them being useful or interesting to others than storing them somewhere on my computer.

Essay 3   (2015)      Surfing - My First Ride

Essay 2   (2015)      The Face of a Mask

Essay 1   (2015)      When the World returned God's Gift...